Day 1 – Seoul to Haeundae

Monday 8 April, 2019 Day 1 / Seoul to Haeundae [Missed the previous day? Read the last post here] On all our past trips to Korea, we have always rented our bikes from a store called Bikely. The owner Lee is super friendly and helpful, and speaks great English. We make our way there and … Continue reading Day 1 – Seoul to Haeundae

Day 10 – Sapporo to Tokyo

Saturday 9 June, 2018 Day 10 / Sapporo to Tokyo [Missed Day 9? Read the previous post here] It’s our final day in Hokkaido and I kick it off by going for a run to Odori Park, where the Yosakoi Festival was held the previous, rainy night. The weather has cleared up and it’s interesting … Continue reading Day 10 – Sapporo to Tokyo