Hello! I’m B (short for Belinda) and my partner is Cheye (pronounced Shy) and we love travelling. However, our idea of travel is little different to your usual tourist destinations. While some people like relaxing on a beach or shopping up a storm, we prefer to take the road less travelled. I’m a fitness fanatic, so I like staying active even during my travels, which is how I started cycle touring. Cheye used to be a competitive cyclist and runner although these days he spends more time on the golf course than clocking up kms.

We both have a passion for travel, cycling and food (we’re both vegetarian) and want to share our journeys and stories with you. We found there was a lack of information out there when trying to research for our cycling trips so we decided to put one together ourselves. Hopefully you’ll find something useful here!

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B and Cheye live in Australia – originally from Sydney and now living in Western Australia.

Belinda works in Group Fitness as an instructor and trainer. She has always been active, having danced for 10 years and played hockey for 5 years. These days she enjoys running and triathlons while teaching Group Fitness classes between training sessions. She also likes to bake and always has her camera ready (most photos on the site are taken by her).

Cheye has a long background in fitness, having worked in the industry since he was a teenager. He has worked as an instructor, owns a fitness centre in Sydney and has run a sub-3 hour marathon. These days he works in recreation while enjoying a bit of golf on the side.