Day 3 & 4 | Seoul

Monday 5 September, 2022
Day 3 | Seoul

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The wind and rain from the upcoming typhoon has started and doesn’t stop for the next 48 hours. We walk the bikes to Rubi Workshop, with the folded bike bags over one side while holding our umbrella in the other hand.

It’s only a 750m walk to the bike shop but with the additional bulky 20kg hanging off our shoulder along with the wind and rain, it takes us a good 20-30 minutes to get there.

Upon arrival, we shake ourselves off from the rain and have a chat to one of the staff through broken English, Korean and google translate. They say they should be able to fix the damaged parts for us and it will take about an hour.

We wander off to look for a place to sit down and come across a place nearby called Ssada Gimbab 싸다김밥 (literally ‘cheap kimbap’) for a bite. The place is buzzing as it’s the lunch rush with people popping in and out. The menu is massive with all our favourite traditional Korean dishes.

We order the regular and spicy kimbap, which I’ve been craving since we arrived in Seoul two days ago.

We move onto The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf where Cheye orders a Squid Game inspired Dalgona Espresso.

The place is really nice inside, especially on a cold day like today (despite the humidity).

The view from the second floor is great for people watching.

An hour had passes by pretty quickly so we head back to Rubi Workshop to pick up the bikes. The guys managed to fix everything which is a huge relief.

We have a good chat to Bong about the bikes in the showroom and Ohyun about our cycling travels and Australia. They mention that in the last month alone they have had three different groups from Australia contact them for bike assistance as they were also preparing trips similar to ours.

Ohyun gives us his card so he can email us some tips for our trip to Jeju Island, in particular bakeries and food places. If you ever find yourself in Seoul needing bike repairs (or want to buy a beautiful looking bike) please pop in for a visit as they are extremely helpful and friendly 🙂

Later in the evening we meet up with our mate Jimmy who we worked with in Australia some years ago. He was fashionably late as always haha.

We go back to 싸다김밥 Ssada Gimbab for dinner and order a bunch of different Korean dishes.

Jimmy says it’s a huge chain in Korea and he even has one outside his place. If I had a place like this outside my house I would never cook at home.

Cheye and Jimmy continue the night by hitting up a whiskey bar and Korean BBQ.

By the way, our shoes are completely saturated from walking around all day. Hopefully they dry out by tomorrow ready to be soaked again with the continuing rain!

Tuesday 6 September, 2022
Day 4 | Seoul

The sun finally comes out the following day and it’s nice to get a break from the rain. Our cycling will resume tomorrow, so we decide to go for a big wander around town.

Our first stop is Zzang Arcade to have another crack at the candy pusher.

The place was so empty!

Once again, Cheye cleans up on the candy pusher.

I also win a plushie (first try!) on the Dragon claw machine.

We stop by 김밥왕 Gimbab Wang for lunch for veggie gimbab and chilli ramen 🌶

After a few more stops including Paris Baguette we end up at Dessert 39, our new favourite place for drinks. If you ever visit this place, get yourself a mango yoghurt shake. You can thank me later.

Cheye heads off to play virtual golf with Jimmy while I head back to 싸다김밥 Ssada Gimbab again for the third time in two days. This time I decide to try 납작만두 (nabjak mandu), a dish of flat dumplings and veg. They have a pretty decent range of vegetarian dishes, which is great.

Back at our accommodation, we come across some very strange and random TV commercials…

And with the bikes and weather both in check our cycling will finally commence tomorrow. Happy days! (for now…)

Bikes Repairs: Rubi Workshop
Arcade: Zzang Games
Lunch: 김밥왕 (Gimbab Wang)
Dinner: 싸다김밥 (Ssada Gimbab)
Other food: Dessert 39 | Paris Baguette
Accommodation: E-Residence


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