Day 7 – Yoichi to Cape Kamui

Wednesday 6 June, 2018 Day 7 / Yoichi to Cape Kamui via Shakotan [Missed Day 6? Read the previous post here] We wake up at 6:45am to the sound of the Japanese group from the previous night getting ready to leave. I can’t really get back to sleep so go for a run by the river … Continue reading Day 7 – Yoichi to Cape Kamui

Day 6 – Sapporo to Yoichi

Tuesday 5 June, 2018 Day 6 / Sapporo to Yoichi [Missed Day 5? Read the previous post here]  The company we have booked our bikes through, Spark Cycling, meet us at 9am that morning to drop our bikes off. We meet Dai and his assistant who adjust our bikes and gives us a repair kit … Continue reading Day 6 – Sapporo to Yoichi