Day 14 – Kampong Thom

Wednesday 11 April, 2018 Day 14 / Kampong Thom [Missed Day 13? Read the previous post here] I go for an early run by the riverside (I haven’t run in nearly two weeks). The weather is hot and humid, and I get chased down by what feels like every dog in town. I also get … Continue reading Day 14 – Kampong Thom

Day 13 – Kampong Kdei to Kampong Thom

Tuesday 10 April, 2018 Day 13 / Kampong Kdei to Kampong Thom [Missed Day 12? Read the previous post here]  Cheye wakes up with stomach pain and doesn't feel great. I’m also not 100% with some cold and flu symptoms, which I gather is from the all the air con throughout the trip. Despite the … Continue reading Day 13 – Kampong Kdei to Kampong Thom