Day 8 – Shakotan to Otaru

Thursday 7 June, 2018 Day 8 / Shakotan to Otaru [Missed Day 7? Read the previous post here] Today we awaken with the early sunshine at 6:30am, however we don’t get out of bed until about 9am. I decide to make use of the onsen one last time before packing up and we have a … Continue reading Day 8 – Shakotan to Otaru

Day 4 – Tokyo

Sunday 3 June, 2018 Day 4 / Tokyo [Missed Day 3? Read the previous post here]  We have another day of wandering planned and start by wandering through Shibuya towards the same French bakery Boul’ange from yesterday. With so much awesome looking stuff on display we end up spending 21,000 yen (about AUD $25) on … Continue reading Day 4 – Tokyo