Day 9 – Otaru to Sapporo

Friday 8 June, 2018 Day 9 / Otaru to Sapporo [Missed Day 8? Read the previous post here] We check out at 10am as planned and set off for Sapporo, attempting to cycle straight through without stopping to beat the rain. There are a few long steady uphills but the descent has some amazing views. … Continue reading Day 9 – Otaru to Sapporo

Day 8 – Shakotan to Otaru

Thursday 7 June, 2018 Day 8 / Shakotan to Otaru [Missed Day 7? Read the previous post here] Today we awaken with the early sunshine at 6:30am, however we don’t get out of bed until about 9am. I decide to make use of the onsen one last time before packing up and we have a … Continue reading Day 8 – Shakotan to Otaru