Day 4 – Wajima to Noto

Thursday 20 February, 2020Day 4 | Wajima to Noto (Ushitsu) via Suzu [Missed the previous post? Check it out here] We wake up feeling a bit wrecked and tired as we have been the last few days, and it’s not until we are setting the bikes up to leave that we realise it’s raining. We … Continue reading Day 4 – Wajima to Noto

Day 2 – Kanazawa to Togi

Tuesday 18 February, 2020Day 2 | Kanazawa to Togi [Missed the previous post? Check it out here] So the plan was to be on the road by 9am but we can barely open our eyes when the alarm goes off. You don't realise how much you take a comfortable bed for granted until you spend … Continue reading Day 2 – Kanazawa to Togi